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Dating since elementary school

School shootings receive extensive media coverage and are frequent in the US (see list below).They have sometimes resulted in nationwide changes of schools' policies concerning discipline and security.These shootings have happened in "suburban and rural school districts" and many seem to be random with random targets.Most of these shooters tend to come from two-parent households and have been found to appear on the honor roll at their schools.The United States Secret Service published a study regarding 37 school shooting incidents in the United States from 1974 through June 2000, which warned against the belief that a certain "type" of student would be a perpetrator.

A different group read an article about the same shooting, but in it the author advocated for gun restrictions for people with mental illness.This formula of three enables the bully to easily create public humiliation for their victim.Students who are bullied tend to develop behavioral problems, depression, less self-control and poorer social skills, and to do worse in school.Mc Ginty and colleagues conducted a study to find out if people tended to associate the violence of school shootings with mental illness, at the expense of other factors such as the availability of high-capacity magazines.Nearly 2,000 participants read a news piece on a shooting in which the shooter is diagnosed as having a mental illness and who used high capacity magazines.

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Despite the fact that the article exposed the readers to both the mental illness of the shooter, and the fact that the shooter used high-capacity magazines, participants advocated more for gun restrictions on people with mental illness rather than bans on high-capacity magazines.

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