Diddy and cameron diaz dating dating slan do gr rss

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Diddy and cameron diaz dating

Besides, even if he was able to get back together with Cameron, it wouldn’t last long.

Cameron needs to fulfill her destiny as a shamelessly horny Miami cougar.

But you can’t tame a carefree slut like Cammy D; to do so would be like clipping a slutty sparrow’s wings.A few lovely months of luxury gifts and jewelry and maybe a vacation too.Of course, I don’t want to be a Stacy Keibler-style kept woman, or a Waity-Katy-style kept woman. More breaking celebrity news:* Would You Rather Find Out Your Man Cheated on You With 19 Women or Fell In Love With One? Do you consider it a step back or the perfect fall back plan to have a go-to in-betweener?

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Although P Diddy, real name Sean Combs, has had a hugely successful career in the hip-hop world, and seems to always have a gorgeous woman by his side, but the music mogul recently revealed he regrets ending things with former flame Cameron Diaz.

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