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Present in only a minority of rationales for wearing the niqab were husbands and families as many of the participants came from families where they faced opposition for wearing it, often taking on the practice without consulting their families.

While a small number of women cited spousal encouragement for why they wore the niqab, many women indicated facing spousal opposition and explained that their larger struggle was with soliciting spousal support for their decision.

Similar views were expressed when asked about access to education, where the majority of participants expressed comfort and acceptance in their educational programs.This study can be seen as a response to this growing national conversation and a reflection of CCMW’s values and continued commitment to the plurality of Muslim communities.It represents an attempt to cast light on the existing agency of and provide space for Canadian Muslim women who wear the niqab to speak for themselves.The Council is also grateful to its Chapters and volunteers who worked tirelessly to gather participants and organize focus groups. Lynda Clarke and her research team at Concordia University, whose hard word and resolve made this study possible. can work only if they grow out of the deepest experience of everyone, not just some.” Lynda Clarke is Professor of Religion and Islam in the Department of Religion at Concordia University in Montreal.Lastly, we are eternally thankful to the Muslim women from across the country and the province of Ontario that shared their life experiences with us and to whom we dedicate this publication. She focuses in her research and teaching on Shiism, gender and law, and has also written on Islam in the West and Canada.

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The reasons for why Canadian women wore the niqab, as the author notes were “highly personal and individual” with a mixture of responses and rationales.