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She and I may have come of age fifty years apart from each other, but when it comes to finding a husband, my guidebook isn’t that different from hers, after all.

If you’ve been trying to figure out if your new crush is a good person by sizing up their Myers-Briggs personality or how they order a burrito, there’s a good chance that you want the 411 on definitive signs someone’s a solid match.

But, the truth is, one of the best ways to get to know someone is to get to know their family and friends.

She said that a boy who didn’t ask you to go steady after a couple dates was probably bad news.

Most days, it’s hard to imagine there are any similarities between our modern dating dilemmas and what our grandparents went through when they were our age. I sat down and talked to my grandma, Mimi—while Papa occasionally contributed from the background—to ask them about dating in their day.

Mimi and Papa have been happily married for more than fifty years.

To be sure, the intricacies of what is gentlemanly behavior may have changed in a modern context, but that he should be a gentleman should never be negotiable, Mimi said.

Last-minute “dates,” comments about other women’s looks, objectifying text messages, and lack of intentionality are red flags and should be treated as such.


A girl in the 1950s always kept certain unspoken rules in the back of her mind that had been passed down by mothers and sisters.

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