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It is known throughout the town and celebrated by all who live here.... The boys have Football, but in the other hand the girls have Golf and Volleyball. So if you want to play Soccer, Baseball/Softball that’s probably not the best university to go to.

[tags: cultural competence, racial make up] - Larry Watson, in “Montana 1948”, uses the motif of light and silence in many ways to develop, clarify and reinforce ideas about truth and injustice, and portray the nature of some characters. The requirements for admittance were different for undergraduates, out of country, and freshmen etc.

He illustrates the injustice in Bentrock through the motif of light and then demonstrates to the reader the occurrence of something wrong through the motif of silence. Army got attacked by Sioux and Northern Cheyenne warriors. I could not evaluate completely on all the different areas of this aspect, but I looked very hard and I just could not find it....

When David’s story begins, we learn that his life is a stable and happy one, and his present family are close and loving....

A man by the name of Von Herbulis was requested to be the architect. Von Herbulis was trained abroad and was chosen because of his wide knowledge of the Cathedrals of Europe. Von Herbulis’s gothic form was chosen and approved unanimously by the Building Committee and Advisory Board. They both have Track and Field, Basketball, Tennis, Skiing, and Cross Country.

(“sthelenas,” n.d.) When I think of Helena and a “reputation” I think of historic. Although they both have sports neither of each other share in common.

Munro is a master of characterization, and through the protagonist she depicts the complexities of human nature.

Now, as the family of four travels across the continent, the narrator is able to slough off all the obligations which society has dumped on her....

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Watson utilises the two motifs to effectively depict that 'Montana 1948' is a tale about the struggle between truth and justice in a racist society.... It is so distinct from any other state that it is no wonder this is the case.

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