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Yet he cheered Bogie up when he was with him – made him laugh – kept the ring-a-ding act in high gear for him’.By October, eight months later, to celebrate Bacall’s thirty-second birthday, Frank sent a chartered plane to Los Angeles to fly some of their closest friends to the Sands in Vegas where he was playing at the time.They celebrated by going to the Imperial Gardens restaurant on Sunset Boulevard with agent and friend, Swifty Lazar.

He cancelled his appearances but did not fly to the West Coast for the funeral of the man he had adored.We have our road to travel, never forget that – we can’t live his life’, writes biographer Kitty Kelley.‘It wasn’t easy for him,’ Kelley quotes Bacall.‘I don’t think he could bear to see Bogie that way or bear to face the possibility of his death.She was his mistress for seventeen years and wrote about their love story in her 1982 book Bogie and Me ‘It seemed to everyone --- to his friends, to mine – that we were crazy about each other, that we were a great pair; that it wouldn’t last; that Frank would never be able to remain constantly devoted, monogamous – yet that maybe with me, he would’, Betty said.He didn’t want any woman telling him what to do and Bacall admitted she wasn’t one to mildly suggest anything.

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